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Submitted by DanielCabrera on Mon, 2022-04-25 12:04
Friday, Apr 22, 2022 - 09:30am
St Augustine
By Dave & Lynn Hutchinson: Photos by Dave Hutchinson:  On Tuesday, March 22 twenty-two Tampa Bay Section 
members and guests traveled to St. Augustine to tour the St. Augustine Classic Car Museum. Lynn and I and other 
members had dropped by a few months ago to see if this might be a good event for our group. We were fortunate to meet Sidney Hobbs, the owner of the collection. He is a great guy who has an interesting story for almost every car in his collection. There are approximately 100 immaculate mostly classic cars on display including Sidney’s personal favorite, a 1961 Corvette, which was also his first car! It was garaged for 3 years before he drove it as at the time he didn’t have the money for the insurance. That was a long time ago. Sidney provided coffee and a nice selection of donuts and pastries. On the showroom floor there are vintage Fords, Cadillacs, Corvettes. There is even a beautiful 1930s Auburn. Ben Berman was intrigued by a 1941 Cadillac that sat alongside the building in unrestored condition. This is a large, clean one 
story museum with plenty of parking. Everyone seemed to love the museum. After our visit we had a great lunch at nearby Ned’s Southside Restaurant. Again, that was a neat experience with a huge menu of Southern favorites and terrific service.